The Fantasiological Festival tries to tell, to a transversal audience, aspects and characteristics
of imagination, imagery and creativity as they are seen in daily life and in the various disciplines
by scholars, artists, artisans, musicians. [...] to rediscover imagination, imagery and creativity
as faculties of the mind, studied in the scientific, humanistic, ludic and artistic fields [...].
Patrimonio del Sud - UnescoNet, 22/11/2018

conceived and edited by Massimo Gerardo Carrese



8 December 2022

Fantasiologic Festival supports SVIRGOLO - fantasiologic workshop in Italy (June-July 2021) by Massimo Gerardo Carrese

Fantasiologic Festival supports the training course FANTASIA:

The 2019-2020 Fantasiological Festival program has been canceled due to the Covid-19 health emergency.
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The guests of the Fantasiologic Festival since 2017: Antonio Rezza, Flavia Mastrella, Franco Arminio, Massimo Gerardo Carrese, Elisa Regna, Libreria "Che Storia", L.U.T. Libreria Utopica Temporanea, Ngurzu Edizioni, Daniela Morelli, Carla Merone, Vanna Piacente Denies, Francesco Selvi, Alessio Galbiati, Angelo Pescatore, Mario Mascia, Giuseppe Polone, Nino Santabarbara, Filippo Franco, Mario Califano, Noemi Marotta, Raffaele Aragona, Giovanni Vacca, Gianluca Caporaso, Ennio Peres, Daniela Allocca, Romolo Giovanni Capuano, Gero Mannella, Carlo Sperduti, Andrea Angiolino, Beppe Finessi, Furio Honsell, Gennaro Angelino, Giovanni Izzo, Guido Parisi, Azienda La Sbecciatrice, Franco Pepe, Livio Sossi, Marcello Buonomo (editore Lavieri), Paolo Albani, Resli Tale, Rosanna Marziale, Rossana Di Poce, Rossella Flagiello, Sara Ricci, Stefano Tonietto, Venovan-DoPa, Viviana Redavid


The Phantasiology Festival logo, designed by Massimo Gerardo Carrese, represents Phi (Φ; φ or ϕ), the twenty-first letter of the Greek alphabet. The italian FANTASIA in Greek is φαντασία.

What is imagination? What about imagery? What are the differences with creativity? Are children more or less imaginative than adults? And daydream, what is it?

The PHANTASIOLOGY FESTIVAL is a special combination of imagination, imagery, creativity and tells, to a varied audience, aspects and characteristics of imagination, imagery and creativity as they are seen in daily life and in the various disciplines by scholars, artists, craftsmen, musicians.

From design to literature, from the invention of the bottle cap to poetry, from music to the green color of traffic lights, from zebra to tomato, from mathematics to travel to the center of the Earth, from linguistics to Wonderland, from silence to homunculus, phantasiology is interested in everything because imagination, imagery and creativity are essential for the human being: even if many people are convinced that they belong only to the moment of happy light-heartedness, to childhood, to the enchanting escape from reality and not also to important things, to serious things, we could say.

«Imaginationimagerycreativity are common words like "chair", "book", "parrot", "wardrobe". When we meet them, we don't ask much, we welcome them with sufficient understanding. But here is a small surprise: if we start to wonder what does a chair look like (imagery), what else can become a parrot (imagination) and how we can design an idea (creativity), we establish a relationship no longer with custom but with uncertainty. Our gaze on the world is disoriented, curiosity sprouts and doubt arises: for the nature of things, for other people, for ourselves that we often hide behind habits. Imagination, imagery, creativity: if lived for an hour of leisure, they show surprises and amazements. If you practice them for life, they reveal their way of beauties and anxieties.»

Massimo Gerardo Carrese




Antonio Rezza e Flavia Mastrella
Franco Pepe
Ennio Peres
Gianluca Caporaso
Beppe Finessi
Furio Honsell
Giovanni Vacca e Daniela Allocca
Rosanna Marziale
Romolo Giovanni Capuano
Raffaele Aragona
Paolo Albani
Livio Sossi







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