Meeting a «phantasiologist» means answering the question: "What is imagination? Is there a history of imagination? Who has more imagination, adults or children? And where does the imagination come from? Is it female or male?"
Carrese deals with a full-time imagination [...] and is an inventor of phantasiologic games (linguistic, didactic, alphanumeric).
(from the Italian "Corriere del Mezzogiorno - Corriere della Sera", 7 febbraio 2012 )

Interdisciplinarity is the key word of the phantasiologic laboratory, in which humanistic, scientific, recreational and artistic disciplines are [explored].
(from the Italian "Il Mattino", 1 novembre 2014)

This page describes Massimo Gerardo Carrese's workshops and meetings


The activities proposed by the phantasiologist Massimo Gerardo Carrese are for children (from 7 years old), teenagers and adults.
Imagination, imagery and creativity: Carrese studies their scientific, humanistic, ludic and artistic aspects.

He deals with fantasiology, an interdisciplinary study that deepens imagination, imagery and creativity in various disciplines and daily life.

Massimo Gerardo Carrese proposes EDUCATIONAL AND EXPERIENTIAL MEETINGS IN FANTASIOLOGY. He invents phantasiologic games of linguistic, mathematical, musical, artistic nature. These games are practical tools to better understand fantasiology that also involves reality and the faculties of perception, association and daydream.

for schools of all levels, bookshops, cultural associations, libraries



duration: 1h 30m
recipients: all ages 

What is imagination? What is imagery? What is creativity? And fantasiology? Can you think without images? Does an adult or a child have more imagination? Where do the ideas come from? How does the "7 everywhere" game work? What comes out from a basketball? Why does the word "BEAR" have four letters? Does imagination have rules? Is there a "story of imagination"?

Massimo Gerardo Carrese presents his studies and introduces, in an original interactive meeting, the themes of fantasiology and the scientific, humanistic, ludic and artistic differences of imagination, imagery and creativity. He presents reflections, exercises and his own fantasiologic games (linguistics, mathematicals, artistics).




for universities, schools of all levels, bookshops, cultural association

duration: 3h
recipients: children from 7 to 10 years old; teenagers; adults
number of participants allowed: min 15 max 30

Fantasiology is the critical and analytical study of the scientific, humanistic, ludic and artistic aspects of imagination (the possible), imagery (mental images) and creativity (technique and originality). Imagination-imagery-creativity are the three essential words of fantasiology but to fully understand them, it is also necessary to study perception, association, daydream, reality.

From the SEVEN KEYWORDS OF FANTASIOLOGY Massimo Gerardo Carrese introduces a theoretical and practical analysis of imagination, imagery and creativity.

The phantasiological workshop invites to surprise (wonder) but also to disorientation (restlessness), two events that inevitably reserve the faculties of imagination, imagery and creativity when they become tools for re-knowing oneself and the world.

Massimo Gerardo Carrese proposes an interdisciplinary path, with bibliographic references, reflections, exercises and linguistic, mathematical and artistic games invented by him.




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