Meeting a «phantasiologist» means answering the question: "What is imagination? Is there a history of imagination? Who has more imagination, adults or children? And where does the imagination come from? Is it female or male?"
Carrese deals with a full-time imagination [...] and is an inventor of phantasiologic games (linguistic, didactic, alphanumeric).
(from the Italian "Corriere del Mezzogiorno - Corriere della Sera", 7 febbraio 2012 )

Interdisciplinarity is the key word of the phantasiologic laboratory, in which humanistic, scientific, recreational and artistic disciplines are [explored].
(from the Italian "Il Mattino", 1 novembre 2014)

This page describes Massimo Gerardo Carrese's workshops, courses, meetings and concerts

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The activities proposed by the author are for children (from 7 years old), teenagers and adults.
The keywords of his meetings are imagination, imagery and creativity: Carrese studies their scientific, humanistic, playful and artistic aspects.

He deals with fantasiology, an interdisciplinary study that deepens imagination, imagery and creativity in various disciplines and daily life (to learn more: here).

For over a decade, Massimo Gerardo Carrese has offered
in Italy and abroad courses and training activities on phantasiology (from his interdisciplinary studies) and original phantasiologic workshops (he invents phantasiologic games: linguistic, mathematical, musical, artistic games).

for schools of all levels, bookshops, cultural associations, libraries


duration: 1h 30m
recipients: all ages 

What is imagination? What about imagery? What are their differences with creativity? Can you think without mental images? Who has more imagination, adults or children? Where do ideas come from? Is a peacock creative? What is a refrigerator? How does the "7 everywhere" game work? What can be created from a basket ball? Why does the word "BEAR" have four letters? Does imagination need rules? The meeting introduces the scientific, humanistic, playful and artistic differences of imagination, imagery and creativity.

Exercises, curiosities, oddities and much more in an original interactive meeting in which the phantasiologist Massimo Gerardo Carrese presents his studies, phantasiologic games and researches on imagination, imagery and creativity. It's a meeting to bring adults and children closer to the themes of fantasiology. 


for universities, schools of all levels, cultural associations, bookshops

duration: 12h-20h
recipients: all ages

It is a course for adults, for teenagers and for children (the courses are differentiated) dedicated to the themes of imagination, imagery and creativity

In this course we explore, in a new and engaging way, the themes of imagery (mental images), imagination (possibilities) and creativity (techniques and originality) seen in everyday life and in the humanities, scientific, recreational and artistic disciplines. From Plato to Bruno Munari, from Aristotle to Rosalind Franklin, from Dante to Italo Calvino, from Fred Forest to Annamaria Testa and Gianni Rodari, from Samuel Taylor Coleridge to Umberto Eco, from Kumi Yamashita to Flavia Mastrella up to the "seven keywords of phantasiology" (perception, association, imagery, imagination, daydream, creativity, reality). 

Massimo Gerardo Carrese analyzes fascinating and original arguments. Here the participants think, play, share, write: to deepen their critical and emotional point of view on themselves and on the world. 

The aim of the course is to introduce the participant to the themes of phantasiology with phantasiologic games (linguistics, artistics, musicals and mathematicals games invented by the author), interactive exercises and interdisciplinary topics useful to re-discovering surprises (wonders) and disorientations (anxieties) that imagination, imagery and creativity reserve when explored with awareness.



for universities, schools of all levels, bookshops, cultural association

duration: 3h - 9h
recipients: children from 7 to 10; adults
number of participants allowed: min 10 max 25

WHAT IS FANTASIOLOGY? It is a critical and analytical study of imagination (possibility), imagery (mental images), creativity (technique and originality). Three faculties of the mind indispensable to our daily life and fundamental to understanding the world.

The workshop is dedicated to the phantasiologic games (linguistics, artistics, musical and mathematicals games invented by the author). It is an original and involving interdisciplinary workshop where we play with ourselves and think about the various possibilities of the world, which we often cannot see. We play with words, numbers, gestures, sounds and images. We play with phantasiologic games to discover and obtain apparently impossible creations, such as binoculars from a common basket ball (without cutting the ball!) or a chair built in the shape of a remote control! 

Why do we play? To look at words, numbers and everyday objects with critical and renewed eyes.





duration: 1h
recipients: all ages

Presentation of Massimo Gerardo Carrese's phantasiologic works. 

It's an interactive meeting on the author's works.

Here to learn more




duration: 3h
recipients: all ages
participants: min 10 max 30

Walking in place in phantasiologic ways means seeing the possible, above all, and the impossible, after all.

This activity can be associated with Alfabetario dei Luoghi




duration: 1h

live instruments: electric guitar, bass, synthesizers, wind instruments
genre: improvisation (extracts 12; 3)

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