What is imagination?*

by Massimo Gerardo Carrese

Imagination is a faculty of the mind that we all possess. In the past, especially in the Middle Ages, late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries, it was considered to be a skill of few people, exclusive of those who were considered to be genius or talented people, for example artists, poets, musicians, writers. Imagination was thought to be a skill of mostly male individuals. Today it is thought that imagination is certainly a capacity present in all people, who possess it in different measure and with different stimuli. Is this difference a discrimination? Quite the contrary. We are different because each of us is unique.

Imagination is an ambiguous word that reveals different expressions of people and cultures. Depending on the contexts to which it refers to, it has different meanings.
Imagination and imagery are not synonyms but complementary faculties.

So, what is imagination?
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* This article has been shortened and rewritten. It was originally published in the Italian Magazine "Soci@lmente" n.5, March 2012, 7-8 and on the website of the Società Dante Alighieri di Katowice, "Learning the language by playing", June 2012. To learn more about other publications see "I Saggi" by Ngurzu Edizioni


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