from the left: Massimo Gerardo Carrese (fantasiologist), Letizia Casuccio (General Manager of Coop Culture), Paolo Giulierini (Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples),
Paolo Chiarolanza (Co-founder of SlideWorld and Director of the European Human Development Council)

who is the phantasiologist? 

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M. G. C. [Massimo Gerardo Carrese, ed.] has a typical expert and scholar name (thanks to the suffix -logo, of Greek origin), which concerns him directly. He defines himself as a phantasiologist, "scholar of stories and characteristics of imagination and imagery". It must be said that's a nice name. [...] Since the activity of the phantasiologist is related to the idea of game and, in particular, of the linguistic game, we can argue that the name and the activity represent a fun and intelligent glimmer in times of talkative and of often fatal actions. [...] 

From the online Treccani Encyclopedia, by the lexicographer Silverio Novelli

©2016 "Amare enigmi" - fantasiological postcard by Massimo Gerardo Carrese

Phantasiologist. Word invented by Massimo Gerardo Carrese? No, but his professional figure is unique and concerns the scientific, humanistic, playful and artistic aspects of imagination, imagery, creativity and daydream.

Already in 1987 the word "phantasiologist" ("fantasiologo" in Italian) had appeared in an interview on an Italian magazine "Panorama": "[...] edited by Gianni Guadalupi, a 'phantasiologist', as he defines himself since he invented his specialization, that of modern discoverer of exotic journeys "[...]" How did your passion as a 'phantasiologist' come about? "[...]

And today?

Today it appears on the Internet and in Italian national and local newspapers to indicate, in 99% of the results, the work of Massimo Gerardo Carrese who, full-time, is a phantasiologist: a scholar of Stories and characteristics of imagination, imagery, creativity. In this meaning, Carrese's professional figure is unique and encompasses skills from different disciplines.  

What does a phantasiologist do?

Massimo Gerardo Carrese is a professional who deals with phantasiology, an interdisciplinary study that analyzes the differences and the scientific, humanistic, playful and artistic aspects of imagination, imagery and creativity in various disciplines and in daily life. He carries out consultancy activities for companies and on the Italian territory promotes meetings, lessons and training courses for adults and children, in the social, university and school fields. To investigate, also didactically, the complexities of phantasiology (or fantasiology), he writes essays and invents linguistic, mathematical, artistic and musical games. 

The professional figure of the phantasiologist, as understood by Massimo Gerardo Carrese, helps to develop an accurate and interdisciplinary knowledge on the themes of imagination, imagery and creativity.

However unusual it may seem, imagination, imagery, creativity have been studied, and for some time, even if the results obtained are often contradictory and incomplete or referred only to specific areas. Philosophers, artists and writers have dedicated themselves to imagination, imagery and creativity and also psychologists, short, the human being: Plato, Aristotle, Elefantide, Dante, Antonio Ludovico Muratori and, more recently, Edmund Husserl, Nadia Campana, Bruno Munari, Rosalind Franklin, Italo Calvino, Tina Modotti, Gianni Rodari, Melanie Klein, Antonio Rezza, Flavia Mastrella, to report only some of the many names.

How can you become a phantasiologist?

There is no school to achieve the title of phantasiologist. So how can you become a phantasiologist? With independent learning but, just like any other serious and responsible activity that targets people, the work of the phantasiologist is also subject to verification. Who controls his work and how? Teachers of all levels, school managers, university professors, booksellers, librarians, parents, children, social workers, students, scholars, artists, employees, ordinary short, all those people who participate in phantasiological meetings and follow the conferences of the Phantasiology Festival and read the phantasiologist's essays. They discover in the practice of their activity and in their daily life that the phantasiologist bases his studies and research on probable, rational and concrete aspects. Since the results of the phantasiologist are verifiable, his analysis can be discussed with intelligence and not with prejudice. To sum up, the phantasiologist offers a practical demonstration of the arguments he deals with: it is precisely this demonstration that is subject to verification. 

He calls his subject of study and research "phantasiology" (composed of the Greek phan + lógos = discourse on making visible). His study and research activity is carried out in meetings and training courses at university, school and social fields, with adults and children.

Curiosity from Internet

On the Google Italy search engine, there are over 3,000 results under the "phantasiologist" entry referring to Massimo Gerardo Carrese. The variants "phantasiologue" (French) and "fantasiologist" (English) refer mainly to his activity. You can check it on Google engines in English, French, German....

The same word "phantasiology" is mostly connected to Massimo Gerardo Carrese's activities (over 800 results on the Google Italy search engine). However, the voice is attested in various areas (including foreign ones) not always relevant to the author's studies.

For further information: "press review" (national, local newspapers, information portals): since 2006 the author has collected a selection of NEWS dedicated to him.



the word "phantasiologist"

some attestations (in no particular order) concerning the voice "phantasiologist" in reference to Massimo Gerardo Carrese

“E tu che mestiere fai? Il fantasiologo […].” 

"La Repubblica" 13 marzo 2012, Laura Laurenzi

 "[...] the fantasiologist Massimo Gerardo Carrese"

"Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture-

“[…] Massimo Gerardo Carrese, un linguista che si definisce “fantasiologo”, un guru della parola e del vocabolario” 

"Corriere del Mezzogiorno" 30 giugno 2006, Franco Tontoli

"Un fantasiologo al MOON"

"Rai Basilicata - Potenza, 17 ottobre 2018 (servizio tgr)

"[...] È l'Alfabetario dei Luoghi del fantasiologo Massimo Gerardo Carrese che spiega come visitare un luogo seguendo le 26 lettere dell'alfabeto

"Il Mattino", 24 dicembre 2016

“[…] L'esperto in "fantasiologia" è Massimo Gerardo Carrese, studioso di storia e caratteri della fantasia, di linguistica generale e di giochi di parole; proprio in tal senso, egli si definisce un ‘fantasiologo’. […]”

"Il Mattino", 11 giugno 2011 Michela di Maina

“Incontrare un «fantasiologo» per rispondere alle domande «Cos'è la fantasia?”[…]

"Corriere del Mezzogiorno", 7 febbraio 2012

“Si autodefinisce un "fantasiologo", ovvero uno "studioso della fantasia" […]”

"La Sicilia" 6 maggio 2009 Salvo Cataldo

“[…] il fantasiologo Massimo Gerardo Carrese parla di fantasia, giochi enigmistici e letterari […]”

"La Repubblica", 21 dicembre 2012

“[...] il fantasiologo Massimo Gerardo Carrese curatore della mostra [...]”

"Artribune", 27 gennaio 2018

"Lui si definisce un fantasiologo, uno studioso di storie e caratteristiche della fantasia e dell'immaginazione. [...]" 

"Il Mattino" 16 febbraio 2017, Maria Beatrice Crisci

“[…] il fantasiologo Gerardo Massimo Carrese […] parteciperà all’incontro «Le meraviglie del gioco», dibattito sullo sviluppo creativo e fantasioso delle parole […]”

"Corriere del Mezzogiorno", 13 ottobre 2012

“[…] il ‘Convegno Nazionale sull’Immaginario Linguistico – Viaggio in Italia sulla Fantasia, da sud a nord’, ideato e curato dal fantasiologo Massimo Gerardo Carrese […]”

"Adnkronos/", 14 gennaio 2007

“[...] con il fantasiologo Massimo Gerardo Carrese giovedì 22 alla libreria [...]”

"Gazzetta di Napoli", 22 marzo 2018

“Il fantasiologo Carrese alla Biblioteca Nazionale Cinese”

"" 15 luglio 2008

“Il libro del fantasiologo Massimo Gerardo Carrese in Scozia”

"" 8 gennaio 2008

“[…] Fra le varie personalità omonime: - letterati e saggisti: Massimo Gerardo Carrese (fantasiologo e ludogrammatico) […]”

Voce Massimo, sito "Focus"

“Ad Anzio il fantasiologo Massimo Gerardo Carrese”

"L’Unico – Quotidiano web di Roma", 8 aprile 2009

“Il fantasiologo Massimo Carrese da oggi a Potenza per il progetto Memori”

"La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno", 15 ottobre 2018


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